Our services

Commercial auditing, auditing
Acceptance of auditor mandates required by law and articles of incorporation for national and international enterprises, foundations, common-benefit foundations, pension schemes, non-profit organizations, public administrations, associations under Liechtenstein, Swiss and international laws/standards
Auditing of individual and consolidated financial statements (PGR, CO, Swiss GAAP FER, IFRS (IAS), EU)
Audits (statutory audit)
Acceptance of mandates as auditors for
insurance companies
investment funds, funds (IUG, UCITSG, AIFMG)
staff benefit schemes
asset management companies
local authority accounts
Inspections in accordance with the Due Diligence Act and acceptance of the role of appointed examiner
Court reports and investigations of criminal matters (Forensic Services)
Due Diligence audits
Production of information (Compilation)
Audits for incorporation, incorporation of investment, increase in capital, decrease in capital, etc.
Conducting special audits as required by law or on a mandate basis

Bookkeeping, financial statements, accounting, finances
Assistance in the production of or producing entries for financial statements and financial statements (individual and consolidated financial statements) in accordance with Liechtenstein, Swiss law or international regulations
Production of annual financial statements (balance sheet, income statement, notes to the accounts, cash flow statement) in German, English or French
Advice on and assistance with the structure of accounting systems / bookkeeping
Conducting bookkeeping and taking over payment transactions
Producing valuation reports on corporations and investments
Balance sheet analyses
Controlling advice or assistance in the establishment of controlling structures
Producing financial planning instruments and cash flow plans as well as budgets

Advice and assistance for Liechtenstein and Swiss corporation taxes, value added taxes, stamp duties, land taxes, etc.
Production of tax returns for legal entities and natural persons as well as producing the documents/forms for stamp duties (duties on stock issues, sales tax on securities) and value added taxes
Tax planning for natural persons and legal entities
Examining tax statements and tax assessments as well as representation in dealings with the tax authorities

Consulting and trustee services
Advice/assistance in connection with the Due Diligence Act / Compliance
Advice on and/or drawing up settlement statements under social security laws (Federal Old-age and Survivors’ Insurance Act, Federal Disability Insurance, Family Equalization Fund, unemployment insurance, accident insurance, pension scheme)
Assessment of the Internal System of Controls (ISC)
Assistance in the production of business plans
Advice on incorporation and conversion as well as on the incorporation of Liechtenstein companies (sole proprietorships, limited stock corporations, establishment, etc.)
Advice on and/or implementing increases in capital, mergers, splitting, reductions in capital, relocation of registered offices, reorganization, liquidation
Carrying out amendments to articles of incorporation
Management, rental of, intermediation for, sale of real estate
Advice on succession rules and inheritance matters